Valentines Day: For Men

Most have caught on by now that Valentines day and its customs are vastly controlled by the entertainment and sales industries.  We see little heart-shaped boxes of chocolates in the asiles as early as december, and we see men lining up at jewelers and flower shops.

But even though we know the control that the market has over this “holiday”, we still desire it.  And we still buy into the season and do everything that we are supposed to do.  The men go all out for their girlfriends or wives, and the wives and girlfriends are always delighted to have those precious moments with their men.  However, it would seem that this pattern indicates something; women seem to be more focused on.

Think about it, do men get chocolates, flowers, or fancy paid-for dinners? Not often. Do men want those things? Well, maybe a nice steak 🙂 . But in all seriousness, as a man, its kind of odd how we do not seem to be focused on at an equal level as women on this day, at least in marketing and popular culture. But perhaps this is our own fault?

Men are stereotyped as having limited emotions, independent  not caring about the relationship as much, and not wanting to make a big deal out of romantic things.  In the same line of stereotyping, women are seen as uber-emotional, dependent, and wanting to make a big deal about romantic things.  But at the heart of it, those stereotypes are usually untrue.  For we are all humans, and most of us have a desire, a need, a longing, for a companion…and when we have one, its beautiful.

As a quick side note, some Christian groups get uncomfortable with this idea of “needing” a companion other than God, so let me clear that up.  Adam was created before Eve, and before Adam could make any petition to God, God said in Genesis 2:18,  “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him”(NASB).  Bear in mind that those are the words of God, spoken before the fall, to a man named Adam.

Going on, we know that humans have a longing for companionship, and we know that the need for a companion was first seen in a man, Adam.  So, as a man, that tells me that there is no need to withhold my appreciation and romanticism from my girlfriend or wife, and that those emotions are nothing to be ashamed of.  It also tells me that men should be focused on during valentines day as well, and I have no doubt that I will feel unashamedly loved on that day.

But heres the thing, I feel loved everyday, I seek to express my love everyday, and I seek to honor and cherish my loved one everyday.  To me, Valentines day is just an opportunity to express that love further, and I look forward to showing love, and being shown love on that day, and beyond.  Make “Valentines Day” happen more than once a year.

I hope that you have a great Valentines day with your companion; whether this year, or another.



Discoveries in Genesis 18-19

I found out something quite interesting today while I was reading my bible to prepare for sunday school this sunday.  I realize that these are not new views, but I have just recently found them in my own reading.

Turn to Genesis 18 in the New American Standard Bible:

In this chapter, we see the reference to the three beings that confront Abraham.  Now, there has been many illusions as to the identity of these individuals, but I would suggest that they are the Trinity, the Godhead.  I am not an originator of this view, merely a repeating voice; but, I have discovered this truth for my own walk.

Notice the use of the Noun, LORD in vs. 17, 20, and 22.  Normally this is easy to look past because we are accustomed to seeing the word “Lord” used to refer to royalty, wealth, etc.. But in these instances, there is something more.

In the NASB, when the english text says LORD, as opposed to “Lord”,or “lord”, it means that the hebrew text says “YHWH” (YahWeh), which is a Holy and reserved name for God, the Creator.  No biblical author, translator, or editor, would ever pen that word unless it was referring to God in the original languages (translators, editors), and even then, they did not write it often, and instead used “Lord”, which is translated from a normal hebrew name for God.

That being said, examine how the first two persons with this name are conversing with one another, and no one person is showing dominance over the other…they seem equal.  Now notice how the third person with this name stays behind to comfort Abraham, but again, any mention of allusion to this third person as being subservient to the other two is not found in the text.

Now turn to Chapter 19, read the account, but pay close attention to vs. 15 and 16, which is telling of how these two men who went to lot (for the third one stayed with abraham) had to grab lot to save his life, and upon doing so, the text says in verse 16, that the “Compassion of the LORD was upon him”.  If what I laid out in chapter 18 is truly about the Trinity, then that quotation about the LORD’s compassion may actually be a litteral presence of the LORD that Lot felt, through the two persons.

And if what I came across is two, that these three persons are the three persons of the trinity, then it would prove that they can be different places at different times because the 3rd mentioned LORD is with Abraham, while the other two are in Sodom. What is more is that each is called “LORD” which is the name of the One God, Creator, there cannot be more than one, and yet there are three beings/persons called “LORD”.  This would indicate a union and a distinction between the three; each is separate, unique in attributes, but equal in roles, and are all referred to as YHWH, “LORD”, God.

Interesting, huh?