Blessings in the midst of frustration.

Today I had to call AAA(triple A) TWICE.

I got into my car after my ministry I am involved with, and it won’t start.

Now, this “wasn’t my first rodeo”.  This has happened many times before, and usually I just had to pop the hook and use a ratchet to tighten the connections on my battery to make it start again.  I tried doing this and other methods, but none worked.  I even had my car battery jumped by a friend who happened to be with me.  After much trying to no avail, I decided to call AAA, using a card that I never thought I would have to use.

After about forty minutes they arrived, and the driver asked if we could try jumping it with the tow truck, and so we tried, but alas, the old car didn’t seem to want to start.  So the driver called another driver on duty who had a bigger truck and better jumper cables. The driver of that truck(we will call him driver 2), arrived and he hooked up his truck to my Buick Lasabre, and it finally started again.  This was great.  I didn’t have to have it towed, AND I wouldn’t have to have to worry about it.  Wrong.

On the way home I realized that I had not eaten anything since about 12:00pm(it was about 8:30pm).  I decided that I would go through the Chic-fil-a drive through, so I headed there, but upon turning onto the street parallel to the chic-fil-a, my car completely shut down; fan, radio, lights, motor, power-steering, EVERYTHING.  I was thankfully able to make it on the road I was turning onto, but I had to get out and push it to a parking lot nearby, with the help of a kind stranger during a turn that I had to push it through.  I then called AAA the second time, and within 40 minutes, the tow truck was there and he then took it back to my hometown to my local auto shop guy.

It was a frustrating night.  It still is a frustrating night at the time of writing this.

But there were some blessings:

-I was with someone when my car would not start the first time.

-AAA were there in less than one hour both times.

-A kind stranger helped me make the turn I needed to make to get me into the parking lot, away from traffic.

-My friends happened to be at the Chic-fil-a I was stuck at so they gave me a ride back to campus.

-My parents knew what to do.

-I have friends and family that care about me, and who were concerned for me.



So, even though this night was not the best, it had some blessings within it. God IS Good.